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by admin on August 27, 2012

Acne drugs can be found mostly on over the counter and over the internet nowadays. One of acne drugs is supplements that are successful products to combat acne. The active ingredients are ideal to improve the complexion. Retinoids, derivatives of vitamin A to treat acne have been used since 1972. Currently, this group of drugs considered as basic medicine, the optimum operating points of acne symptoms.

Retinoids acne drugs, retinoids, acne drug, acne drugsRetinoids or vitamin A derivatives, have been used to treat acne since 1972. Due to the advanced knowledge concerning the actual process of how acne occurs, which we have now, at present this group of drugs considered as basic medicine, optimum operating points of the symptoms of acne.

Modern research has led to continuous improvement of plant efficiency and gave rise to new forms of drug. Gradually, three generations,which are derived from vitamin A. In the medical practice of using drugs in this group also in the form of tablets, indicated for severe forms of acne, but also on other skin diseases – such as psoriasis.

The first generation – which is representative of tretinoin (Retin A cream, Airolo solution), was often limited by side side effects of the drug. Typically, skin irritation manifested by increased redness and peeling for which cream was often prematurely discontinued. Another limitation is the summer and sunny periods, causing increased sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation. In the period with increased intensity of solar radiation is preferable to stop the treatment. Research teams and other long-sought new compounds derived from the effective tretinoin. The latest representative of the third generation, we rank relatively short period of use of adapalene (Differin prescribed under the name of the gel).

What is the effect of retinoids modern? The very nature of acne is based on several pathological processes that complement each other. Two factors are expected to be in terms of the most important acne: failure in the maturation of skin cells in the sebaceous glands, consisting of increased coherence, which in turn leads to the conclusion of the sebaceous glands and sebum retention. The second factor, which assumes that the formation of acne is just as important is the increased production of sebum, which is influenced by hormones.

Other factors – bacterial infection, causing inflammation and flare effects of the four genetic complement. The final state is the formation mikrokomedo , or closed sebaceous glands, which is still invisible to the naked eye, but gradually increases and appear open and closed comedones, which are already visible to the naked eye as white and black dots. The obvious is the fact that the more precipitating factors influencing the better zalecime acne and get rid of it faster.

Retinoids act just as gradually closing the mouth of the sebaceous glands, which prevents premature closure of the outlet sebaceous glands and reduces excess sebum. This significantly impedes the extension of inflammation. Some, such as Differin has its own anti-inflammatory effect. A significant advantage of new retinoids is reduced ability to irritate the skin, the product is tolerated much better than previous generations.

For individuals with sensitive skin to be reckoned with the possibility of significant response to applied medicine, manifested as mild erythema, increased skin peeling. If these side-effects occur, it is necessary to prepare the skin application with a longer break, such as every other day for one to two weeks. After this time the application is already with no adverse effects. The greater sensitivity of the skin should be considered when selecting additional cosmetics, which should support the effect of treatment, but also soothe the skin. This example meets the demands Cetaphil Lotion Cleanser.

A significant advantage is the stability of new retinoids in the sun, allowing year-round treatment without fear of a possible increase of skin sensitization, possibly reducing the effectiveness of therapeutic effect. Treatment is appropriate to supplement the drugs from other drug classes such as antibiotics and / or benzoyl peroxide on molds with greater inflammation.

And as with all other treatments, there are long term and need regular treatment, as only we can actually get rid of unwanted skin manifestations of acne.


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