Ayurverda Helps To Get Rid Of Acne

by admin on August 19, 2012

Ayurveda has been known as one of the natural way to get rid of acne and pimples. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medical science which focuses on explaining hundreds of different diseases together with their symptoms and solutions based on what is known as Dosha theory.

It also emphasizes the importance in the general ‘wellness picture’ of making lifestyle changes in response to illnesses and maladies.

Acne is defined as ‘Youvana pitikas’ in the terminology of Ayurvedic medicine, which literally translates as ‘breakouts of youth’. And, while Ayurveda has a theory of why acne happens that is related to the youth of the sufferer, we are far more concerned with the solution or cures that it puts forward, rather than with the reasons that devotees of Ayurveda believe that acne occurs.

The fact is that Ayurvedic medicine suggests that healthy, strong skin not only protects the body, but beautifies it as well, and it is for the purposes of keeping the skin strong and healthy that Ayurveda proposes many solutions for acne. Some of these are herbal, while others are related to specific aspects of diet that are believed to contribute to the conditions that cause acne.

For example, it is believed that a combination of extracts from the following plants will form a highly effective treatment for acne and other conditions that might be associated with it:

•     Ikshu (Saccharumofficinarum);

•     Guduchi (Tinospora cardifolia);

•     Haritaki (Terminalia Chebula);

•     Lajjalu (Sensitive plant);

•     Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris L);

•     Kumari (Aloe Vera); and

•     Amalaki (Embelica officinalis).

And, when it comes to dietary considerations, it is believed that the following guidelines should be followed as well:

•     Consuming what Ayurveda considers to be ‘opposite foods’ at the same meal must be avoided. For instance, fish and milk are considered to be ‘opposite’ foods, as are pork and honey as well as milk and bananas.

•     Taking strenuous exercise followed by eating a heavy meal is to be avoided, as is eating heavy foods that might cause indigestion.

•     Excessive consumption of sour and salty foods, plus those that are relatively indigestible like radish or sesame is not good for your acne either, according to Ayurveda. In addition, devotees of Ayurvedic medicine believe that there are additional steps that can be taken to lessen the severity of ‘breakouts of youth’. These steps include:

•     Regularly massaging the face using herbal oils that contain Aloe Vera and gokshura;

•     Creating a face pack containing other beneficial herbs and applying it immediately after every massage.


Watch this video of Ayurvedic Home Made Remedy For Pimples and Skin Care

Ingredients To Be Used:
1 piece red sandal wood
A little milk
A little water
Grinding stone

1. FACIAL: Ayurvedic Facial Massage, a form of natural beauty treatment, is based on the principles and standards of Ayurveda. This scientific massage style rejuvenates, revitalizes skin; makes it healthy and radiant. Ayurvedic facial massage helps invigorate skin & provides an instant solution to the ill effects of stress. Ayurvedic facial massage makes use of herbal product and extracts as well as pure essential iols. Clear, healthy, lustrous skin can be yours at any age if you spend just a few minutes taking care of it everyday. A skincare routine should ideally start in the pre-teen years and be followed regularly for the best results.

2. FACEPACK: Herbal face packs rejuvenate the facial skin. Increase the fairness of skin, Say no to pimple,acne,dark circles and wrinkles with herbal face packs.They are made from fresh ingredients comprising of fresh herbs or fruits to nourish the skin and enhance beauty. They improve circulation as well as cleanse and tauten the entire face. So nourish your face with rich AYURVEDIC FACE PACK.

It is widely claimed by the followers of Ayurveda that applying the regimen of massage followed by a natural herbal face pack for seven days will rid your skin of the pimples, pustules and lesions that are endemic to acne, and also removes dark circles around the eyes.

The final belief of those that follow Ayurveda that you can use to help your acne relies on the fact that they believe that your emotions play a part in your acne problem as well. So, it is recommended that you learn to control your emotions and feelings using both meditation and yoga.

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