Choosing The Most Comfortable Walking Shoes

by admin on August 18, 2012

Walking every day a few miles is a non stressful and quite easy way to stay healthy and fit. The majority of us walk that much every day, if we sum up all the time spent going to work or at shopping. That' s why choosing the most comfortable walking shoes is so important nowadays.

There are plenty of walking shoes, but which one is the most comfortable for you? Surely, modern features like “air cushioning” will make you faster and more agile, but it' s not always a good criterion for choosing your best pair of walking shoes.

Tips For Choosing The Shoes

Before buying a nice pair of new walking shoes, you should consider the following aspects:

- If you have a high arch, try to look for a thick midsole, with extra cushioning. On the other hand, if you' re flat- footed, look for a pair of shoes that are firm around the heel, providing you with additional stability.

- The shoe' s forefront should be able to be bend easily. This is a very important condition that shows that shoe is a good and flexible one, perfect for walking.

- The shoe should be just a few millimetres wider than your foot to ensure an even distribution of weight.

- Another important thing that you need to be aware of before buying that pair of comfortable walking shoes is to look for a pair of shoes that are light weight and breathable. Nobody wants heavy walking shoes, especially people who walk a lot.

- A good pair of walking shoes need to have a flexible bend in the toe area, allowing you to twist and bend the toe area with ease. Two famous brands like Brooks and New Balance make specialized shoes for walkers, that allows for a good bending in the toe area.

- A good tip is to try those shoes wearing the same socks you usually wear, even if you' re feet may be slightly swollen. This can really make a huge difference in how the shoe fits you, because this is how you will feel every day.

- Another important tip is to try both shoes, especially if you know your feet are not the same size. I always do it, just to make sure.

- If you want to choose the most comfortable walking shoes, then don' t forget to walk around with them for a few minutes on a hard surface. It' s better to spend extra time then take it and regret.

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Brands Specializing In Comfortable Walking Shoes

The modern comfortable walking shoes combine a cutting edge style, a good stability, maximum anatomic support and, above all, a perfect all- day comfort. These shoes keep you walking in optimal health and comfort. Brands like New Balance and MBT are famous for their models for men. With MBT Tembea you' ll tone and shape your whole body while walking, as New Balance MW955 are the perfect combination of waterproof breathable Goretex and leather for exploring adventurous environments.

As for women, the AllRounder Niro model from Mephisto is probably the most famous, along with the Keen Presidio model. Both of them represent the most comfortable walking shoes.

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