Colorado Springs Chiropractor Offers Measurable Results

by admin on August 16, 2012

At Thrive Chiropractic in Colorado Springs, we believe in accountability. Not only do our patients feel better, but they can see their results and we measure their results.  Each Colorado Springs Chiropractor (we have three doctors on staff) believes that just getting results is not good enough, and that accountability is a part of quality service and professionalism. This goes for our back pain and neck pain sufferers as well as those who come to see us seeking greater health and wellness. For instance, if we have a patient that comes to us with neck pain, and we see that their neck curve is reduced or (in some cases) reversed, we take a post X-ray so the patient can see the results of their care. Not only are they satisfied with their care, but they can actually see their structural improvement. We also offer a wellness program that is primarily for metabolic disorders expressing symptoms like obesity, trouble regulately blood sugar, and often general pain and inflammation. We measure the patients health using 35 factors on the front and score their health against researched normals. Then, after the wellness program, we measure their health again, using the same 35 factors. Lastly, we have patients that come to us with chronic illnesses that show up on their blood tests that we order in-house. After their nutritonal care, we retest and show patients that the levels have in fact changed. Chiropractic care often helps patients feel better, but we go beyond that and help patients track their progress and see that they are better.

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