Acne And Pregnancy

by admin on July 20, 2012

Acne In Pregnancy

Acne in pregnancy with their unsightly pimples, redness and rashes among the unpleasant changes during pregnancy of many women. Although many women, exciting and refreshing as pleasant, describe their condition in pregnancy in wide sections, the time is pregnancy associated with less beautiful effects for at least as many women, which not only as describe great and exciting.

Causes of pregnancy acne

Acne in pregnancy has its main cause especially in the modified work of the sweat glands. More than usual this sweat glands but that now various substances that irritate the skin, thus leading to unsightly pimples and redness. This is the altered metabolism and a different hormonal activity within the body. Acne happen during pregnancy for the similar reason why they occur in adolescent years. The cause lies in bodily hormones. Hormone levels increase during those 9 months, as well as it triggers skin changes, consisting of acne.

The major culprit of acne in pregnancy is the hormone progesterone. Its levels increase dramatically and also it causes a boosted secretion of natural oils. Oily complexion leads to blocked pores as well as makes an advantageous breeding place for bacteria, which trigger acne.

Many moms-to-be worry about acne treatment, due to the fact that several of the solutions are not ideal for pregnant and also nursing girls. Fortunately, there are other, much safer as well as efficient methods to manage this complication.

What helps with acne during pregnancy

Caused of Acne during the pregnancy hardly be fight. Even if in pregnancy especially on a healthy diet and little stress is to be respected, the typical signs of a pregnancy acne are hardly avoidable in many women. What helps now is a meticulous personal hygiene and a reduced use of lovely perfumes and creams. The pimples during pregnancy can be best avoided when woman several times daily washing with warm, clear water and so is the increased secretion of the sweat glands contrary. The renunciation of strongly perfumed shower gel, make-up and oily creams works in addition helpful against the pesky pimples and redness in pregnancy.

The pregnancy acne occurs in many pregnant women and is due to changes in the body metabolism. Frequent washing with clean water and the lack of charming beauty products are useful against the pesky pimples in pregnancy to free the glands and not to interfere with their work. For whatever reason that you think acne treatment might help you reducing those acne, you SHOULD always consult your doctor as some treatment is not considered safe for pregnant women.

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