Acne And Diet

by admin on August 3, 2012

Acne and Diet Connection

Let’s find out about acne and diet connection as you read this website you undoubtedly attaches value to health in combination with a nice and fresh skin. If something doesn’t really fit than that at comedo’s, or simply acne blackheads, pustules. While about 85% of the people there ever sooner or later. We want a flawless skin that radiates and we also do quite what for. But what? Doctors and dermatologists claim that diet has nothing to do. Then they write powerful medications, such as antibiotics or isotretinoin (Roaccutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, as …). It also makes the Diane-pill prescribed to girls and women. But is this the solution for skin improvement?

Do isotretionin, acne, puistjes, bijwerkingenyou want to put there your intestines for the game?  That follows than usually on all sorts of external antibiotic ointments or other treatments. Of course antibiotics is not recommended for your intestinal flora, the bacteria in your intestine will badly suffer this treatment. But also some very nasty side effects, isotretinoin can have. For example, under no circumstances may you as a woman become pregnant. You can be extremely sensitive to sunlight, night blindness, liver disorders, develop scabs on your lips get, heavy intestinal damage (Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis) to surgically remove the colon must be followed by a stoma), renal failure and there are numerous suicide attempts established by users. Call this medication but the extreme and last resort. Or are there other options? Nutrition has now really no influence? Or would a real healthy choice at the supermarket yet can make a difference?

Also use the as a means against acne, kent Dianepil, numerous side effects, but above all very many restrictions when you should not use him. For anyone with a risk of the pathogenesis, clinical disorders, liver problems, diabetes risk, hereditary predisposition to thrombosis, unexplained vaginal bleeding and still many points applies this restriction. The list of possible side effects is too long for this article, so see this as a serious warning. For an effect should you incidentally many months have patience. What nutritional aspects play the main role?

Foods To Avoid In Acne And Diet

milk, acne, acne and milk, acne dietThe biggest culprits, according to published studies, is milk and grain products or other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. That is to say, food and beverages which your blood sugar goes up quickly. This includes all soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices and even Vitamin Water. The latter is nothing more than a bottle of sugar water with a minimal amount of vitamins. The deception surrounding this kind of products is enormous. So the “but” contains 24 grams of sugar per bottle. A few vitamins whose dosage is a mystery. At the heading: “maximum” explains that you can not just about Vitamin Water dosing. It is therefore harmless. After all a man must, according to their claim, drink 2 litres of water. You get than Vitamin Water “only” 380 Kcal inside while a normal diet 2000 Kcal may contain. But that does mean almost 100 grams pure sugar (approximately 20 lumps)!!! And that then instead of clean water which contains no calorie. Suggest that Vitamin Water is a good alternative for water is thus serious deception. Unless you’re waiting for acne, rotten teeth, overweight and diabetes …

grain, fast food, acne

Grain products are used by about everyone. Although wholemeal products now contain fibres is that amount of very little. We ate a few generations ago (for the fast food era) up to 300 grams of fiber per day, some of us now come no further than 10 grams, while surely a minimum is 40 grams. Vegetables and fruit contain many more fiber than grains. Wonders that wheat (but also soya and maize) in many processed foods. All these refined products are stripped of their fibres to be able to prepare them quickly and easily. White rice with less than 10 minutes on the table, wild rice can take up to an hour. The calorific value is about equal but the composition is completely different. All that extra fibres make for a much better saturation and intestine filling. If we produce more feces we go to the toilet more often. Be so much faster the waste drained allowing the gut wall becomes less damaged by free radicals or other burdensome substances. But the fibers are also rich in minerals and vitamins. Especially vitamins A and C are common in fibers, in addition to the B-complex, calcium, magnesium, iron and other beneficial nutrients. But in the natural shape! Vitamin A is excellent to fight acne, if it but no synthetic version. (The operation of Roaccutane is based precisely on the synthetic vitamin A, with all its dramatic side effects.) Carotenes (there are 600 species) are excellent antioxidants for skin, beta-carotene can be effectively converted by the body to vitamin a. the largest portion of this is unfortunately removed during the refining of products. Our food so we increasingly impoverished because of the ease of preparation. But yes, what we actually eat? And with what consequences?

Acne And Diet Makes Perfect With Fruits And Vegetables

apples, fruit, acne, antioxidant, acne fruits, anti acne fruitsIn the shell, rich in fiber, are also often other powerful antioxidants. Perfect for skin protection and skin improvement but then they should be present. Another important advantage of fibers is that they protect us against an excessively rapid rise in blood sugar. Nature must have no sensible doorgehad that carbohydrates without fibre food source would be. All natural food where glucose or fructose in prevents is rich in fibres, with the exception of honey. Drinking fruit juice, then keep the sugars about you, albeit with the necessary vitamins, but without the fibres. Thus it is better than soda, but still you get a load of sugar, which is not good for your acne. It is very much better to eat, of course, for example, daily 2 apples with Peel and al. Who even support your liver function!

We actually see this carbohydrate problem with lots of dietary sources. Our body is genetically not prepared for so many refined carbohydrates. All those carbohydrates require masses insulin to keep blood sugar under control to. All that extra insulin allows for much more acne and insulin resistance. The liver is running overtime to detoxificeren and separates the excess substances through the skin. These substances then again a “perfect” breeding ground for bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes and Staphylococcus aureus) that ensure the necessary inflammations. Insulin also has an effect on the androgens (male hormones) that excessive sebum production. Often you see it go hand in hand with typical male hair growth in girls, for example small hairs in the face. The Dianepil deployed but also objections with nutrition and possibly can be corrected quickly and nutricosmetics without side effects.

antioxidant, acne, carotin, acne fruits, anti acne fruitsAgainst acne, but you can take any healthy diet naturally rich in vitamin A/beta-carotene; Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, berries such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries all species, Goji berries, etc, all carbon species, almost all the fruit what is colorful. Takes a unique place in red palm oil. This is for sale in (preferably) glass jars and has a very high content of carotene, besides numerous other antioxidants. The advantage; carotenes are fat vetoplosbaar and therefore have needed to be absorbed. Add healthy fats to your salad or vegetables, such as olive oil or avocado and the absorption of the antioxidants can be up to 10 times better!

Do not use harsh remedies on the outside. Keep your face clean, preferably with natural SOAP. Tea tree oil is very good, kills the bacteria and even parasites demodex (who also frequently occur with rosacea). Feel free to eat one or two boiled eggs in the morning, preceded by an Apple, banana or other fruit species. Pineapple is also very good, but raw and not canned. Fermented milk products are less problematic than milk but they bypass in the early stages. Eat lots of oily fish, or fill your diet with a rich and highly concentrated fish oil, as a powerful source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Take enough, because 1 gram does absolutely nothing. White fish, fried in oil is not a good source, and you can bypass better provisionally. Chocolate, often described as a culprit may very well be. But, really only but if it is very pure, for example 85% cocoa, bitter tastes, with no added sugars. All other types of concerns for more acne correctly. If the chocolate not bitter tastes, then its useful polyphenols (super-antioxidants) removed and thus all benefits. Milk or white chocolate is totally useless and will rather cause acne. Summarized; away with the fast sugars and milk products, not excessive cleansing your skin, certainly not with SOAP.

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